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About Us

Founded in 1999 and registered as Proprietorship company in 2014 with a Trademark registered brand as ZIKRA, from its beginning of a small workshop producing sofas for the domestic market, Zikra has evolved to become one of the prominent manufacturer not only to serve local customers but entire Nation. At Zikra Home and Decor, we take great pride in design and hand-craftsmanship of our products. We strive for passion and hunger for creativity.

Our in-house designers create time honed designs. The expert craftsmen, some of them even from the fourth generations of furniture and sofa karigars, transform these designs into timeless products. Our designs blend contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence in craftsmanship and quality. Our products whether a Sofa, a Chair, a Coffee table or Soft furnishings are made to the most exacting standards and designed in styles, so that they bring exceptional beauty to your home.

We are much concerned with the quality of our products, only premium raw materials sourced from reliable Suppliers are utilized. From the high resilient foam and sturdy frame construction to the sewing and application of upholstery materials, each piece of sofa passes through the hands of dedicated and diligent skilled craftsmen.

Zikra Home and Décor endeavors to produce products of superb quality that brings satisfaction not only to the Consumers but also to the Creators/Craftsmen who created/crafted them. We believe that your home should be your haven, where you dine, work, sleep, dream and live. The brand should inspire you to make a home that reflects your personality and your aesthetics. Your home should be the most comfortable place for you and it is rightly said that the things we love always tell a story and reflect who we are. Our passion for creating and providing furniture options that breathe easy and exude strong aesthetics comes from the gap we saw in the Indian market. It is a daunting task to find a sofa or a piece of furniture that could provide you comfort, beauty and priced fairly all at the same time . In the current scenario either you get options which are over-the-top pieces made in ply-board or cheap quality wood which are wrapped in synthetic polyester fabrics or you find ‘Made in the East’ rubber-wood furniture which cannot even last a year to reveal the shoddy quality. If you are lucky to find something good, the price tag would hold you back.

With thoughtful living at heart, we create products to give you an experience. And how do we do it? We do it with love, care and innovation to make better, better. We welcome you to our world of thoughtful living that is more yours than ours.


Everything we create is designed with our customer in mind, and we’re committed to an incredible service experience that leaves our customer smiling each time they visit us online or speak to one of our cheerful customer service associate.


We hereby offer classic and contemporary styles with modern concepts and appeal to fit modern lifestyle.


With our own manufacturing setup we completely eliminate all the middle men thus providing the complete benefit to the ultimate consumer. It not only comes with benefit to our consumers but helps us easy to understand needs and wants of our customers.


Zikra Home and Décor , an online store believes in in combining outstanding quality with astonishing value, offering a carefully curated, assortment of home products. Pairing timeless elements with fresh twists, each item is designed to enhance a room, or inspire a memorable experience. Whether it is comfort of shopping with us or the comfort provided by our products, we have taken care of all your comfort needs in our products



Our Strength

  • Being a Manufacture we eliminate all middle man.
  • We are amongst the Best seller on Online portal like and Cloudtail India.
  • Our Products has bought comfort, class, and luxury to all our customers homes.